The folding wall table “inside” a wall.


Our products are all folding wall tables. The idea behind has always been to create folding wall tables practical and also nice to look, suitable to maximize the space, combining functionality with design. All the models we design are folding wall tables, but someone had the idea of a folding table “inside” a wall! Stian had this project and managed to achieve it with Sgualà. Stian has a nice room for home theater and music, to make it even more flexible for its entertainment, has decided to include a convertible table, which could also disappear completely when not in use. […]


Folding office desk for flexible working spaces

tavolo a scomparsa Sgualà ambiente ufficio

With the folding office desk Sgualà you can realize flexible spaces for work or home. The new design trend of workspaces aims to foster the positive relationship within organizations through the transformation and the redistribution of the environments . It is the flexible spaces that favor exchanges. It is by comparison, by communication, that knowledge is shared and generates value. The folding office desk Sgualà is the ideal base for sharing a workplace between professionals: unlike the typical office, an environment equipped with the Sgualà space saver table can be used in new ways and allows you to collaborate more […]


FastLeg DIY solution amazing: folding bracket “unconventional use”

FastLeg DIY solution amazing

A FastLeg DIY solution amazing, the brilliant idea not to invade the apartment decoration. A design solution that insure function and stability. We believed there could be many different FastLeg DIY solution, we imagine folding tables as complement for kitchen or living, but this idea is really remarkable. Johan live in a historical apartment in Edinburgh (UK), and was keen to have a video projector for her living room. As the ceiling in the room has historical decorations, she could not hang anything from it, and with the wall opposite the screen a window she was at a loss for […]


The most popular wall mounted desk in UK

wall mounted desk UK

The wall mounted desk Telkì Studio is the wall folding table model most sold in the UK. This wall mounted desk model has in fact been an ideal product for the UK market; English customers look for space-saving furnishing solutions to create environments where they can safely work and at the same time keep their home spaces unaltered. The most appreciated features of this wall mounted desk model in the UK are its robustness, the absolute security of the patented wall mounted folding table brackets (FastLeg) and the choice of many colors. The quality of the materials used in combination […]


Fold down table wall mounted that disappears once closed

fold down table wall

A fold down table wall mounted that disappears once closed. A home and office design solution that saves space and at the same time guarantees a very large and durable board. This model of fold down table is called Sgualà, and it is a customizable table for any need that can be inserted into home or office rooms, always allowing to transform your space with maximum use of the environments. Its name, like all other models of New Table Concept, comes from the Milanese dialect and literally means “Slide it”; it expresses the speed with which this foldable wall mounted […]


Folding Tables Customer Support


The folding tables of New Table Concept are compact and easy to open and close. Are wall tables to be installed by the customer. We provide all the information for the folding tables customer support, in their respective Description and Support sections of the products.

For folding tables Telki Compact, Studio and Kitchen and the convertible tables Vengiò, the relative shop online page contains all the details. We provide information about the size, finishes, colors and accessories available with the related costs.

In the Support section of each product page of the wall tables, the operation manuals and assembly instruction for the collapsible tables are available.