Hints for the wall mount of the folding table

shock absorber wall mounting

Thanks to the feedback of the folding wall tables possessors community, in particular to Fulvio comments, we have added more details for the wall mount of the folding table.

We want to emphasize two points that seems to be challenging for the Telkì folding tables client.


Folding table wall mounting template

The folding table wall mounting template facilitates and speeds up the assembly.

After several mountings, we realized that the marking of the holes requires great care and time.

And even when being extremely careful, the risk of measurement errors is high and the result may not be satisfactory. The wall mounting template allows a precise marking within seconds, with mitigated risk and without requiring additional calculations and measurements.


Collapsible Table History


The idea of a new concept collapsible table came when the Italian designer moved to a new apartment. His son had a room with a large table; his wife had her studio while he had no personal table to open his PC on. He started to think about a compact collapsible table to integrate in the living room, elegant and with good design.