Hints for the wall mount of the folding table

Thanks to the feedback of the folding wall tables possessors community, in particular to Fulvio comments, we have added more details for the wall mount of the folding table.

We want to emphasize two points that seems to be challenging for the Telkì folding tables client.

[cml_media_alt id='1489']wall-mount-of-the-folding-table[/cml_media_alt]

–    During the FastLeg assembly, we recommend to screw the upper screw first: it is easier to reach the upper screw position if the lower end of the FastLeg it not fixed: you can slightly lift the structure and have more space to work.

–    The shock absorber wall mounting plate is not symmetrical: you must pay attention and choose the right position otherwise the table will not close completely.

The Telkì compact table user manual and the wall mount table assembly instructions have been updated; browse the products support section to find all the information and a complete video tutorial.

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