The most popular wall mounted desk in UK

wall mounted desk UK

  The wall mounted desk Telkì Studio is the wall folding table model most sold in the UK. This wall mounted desk model has in fact been an ideal product for the UK market; English customers look for space-saving furnishing solutions to create environments where they can safely work and at the same time keep their home spaces unaltered. The most appreciated features of this wall mounted desk model in the UK are its robustness, the absolute security of the patented wall mounted folding table brackets (FastLeg) and the choice of many colors. The quality of the materials used in […]


Folding Tables Customer Support


The folding tables of New Table Concept are compact and easy to open and close. Are wall tables to be installed by the customer. We provide all the information for the folding tables customer support, in their respective Description and Support sections of the products.

For folding tables Telki Compact, Studio and Kitchen and the convertible tables Vengiò, the relative shop online page contains all the details. We provide information about the size, finishes, colors and accessories available with the related costs.

In the Support section of each product page of the wall tables, the operation manuals and assembly instruction for the collapsible tables are available.


Decorating small spaces in London with New Table Concept!


Decorating small spaces it is now a possible achievement, as the New Concept Table experience in London can demonstrate. The activity is significant because the interior design of tight spaces is a common problem, perceived by specialized companies.
New Table Concept has found the formula, or rather the technical solution to address customers issues in the furnishing of small spaces. And this work of the company proves it.


The Telkì folding wall table in a natural version


  Cinius is a well known Italian company that sells environmentally-friendly furnishing and accessories for the house. They have just added to the Cinius table line of product a Telkì folding wall table realized integrating the stainless steel FastLeg structures in a solid lamellar beech wood top. Now you can have a perfectly ecological space saving table solution: wood table top FSC certified and 100% recyclable stainless steel support. If you are curious to know other models of space saving tables you can read the reviews of other NTC wall mounted folding table models here.


Hints for the wall mount of the folding table

shock absorber wall mounting

Thanks to the feedback of the folding wall tables possessors community, in particular to Fulvio comments, we have added more details for the wall mount of the folding table.

We want to emphasize two points that seems to be challenging for the Telkì folding tables client.


Folding table wall mounting template

The folding table wall mounting template facilitates and speeds up the assembly.

After several mountings, we realized that the marking of the holes requires great care and time.

And even when being extremely careful, the risk of measurement errors is high and the result may not be satisfactory. The wall mounting template allows a precise marking within seconds, with mitigated risk and without requiring additional calculations and measurements.