The most popular wall mounted desk in UK

wall mounted desk UK


The wall mounted desk Telkì Studio is the wall folding table model most sold in the UK. This wall mounted desk model has in fact been an ideal product for the UK market; English customers look for space-saving furnishing solutions to create environments where they can safely work and at the same time keep their home spaces unaltered.

The most appreciated features of this wall mounted desk model in the UK are its robustness, the absolute security of the patented wall mounted folding table brackets (FastLeg) and the choice of many colors.

The quality of the materials used in combination with the highly excellent finishing, totally made in Italy, have been highly appreciated by an audience as attentive to quality as the English one.

Our UK customers were also particularly impressed by the simple and modern design of our Telkì Studio wall mounted desk entirely made in Italy. Through the credits of our UK customers we could see that the main use of this save-space table was as a desktop PC table.

Here you can read some of the testimonials written by our British customers in recent months.

We at New Table Concept are very pleased with the success of our wall mounted desk model in England and will expand our range of space-saving tables in the coming years to better meet the needs of this market so important for our company.

In 2017 we launched two more space-saving folding tables that follow the approach of the Telkì Studio folding desk model: the Vengiò space saving folding table and the folding office desk Sgualà.

If you are curious to know other models of space saving tables you can read the reviews of other NTC wall mounted folding table models here.

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