About us

New Table Concept Srl is the company based in Milan, which is responsible for all phases of construction, such as the design and choice of materials, for the wall mounted folding table models. Thanks to this innovative idea, NTC Srl allows anyone with problems of interior decoration, especially related to small space, to solve them with this modern piece of furniture.

But this is only one of the objectives of the New Table Concept company that wants to continually propose innovative and technologically advanced solutions to the market. To achieve this, NTC Srl outlines, with the same importance and attention, both the efficiency and the aesthetics of the folding table in collaboration with DMM S.p.A., which manufactures stainless steel structures, and Terenzi Vittorio & C. Snc., which produces high quality laminated and lacquered tabletop.

The Designer

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New Table Concept – The Designer Renzo Lisei
The folding tables are closely linked to a name, the name of its designer Renzo Lisei who conceived New Table Concept thus developing the idea of the space-saving table.

Renzo gave a new creative form and new features to the concept of folding table. The designer has effectively predicted what are the needs related to the interior design and thus anticipated the needs of customers. These tables, in fact, are designed to take advantage of every inch of a room and improve the features: even the smallest room, therefore, can be enhanced by the New Table Concept folding table.

The interior design market is then revolutionized from pieces of furniture versatile, flexible and space-saving, unique features common to all New Table Concept models. The underlying mechanisms, created and registered by the NTC Srl, allow easy processing without encountering any problems.