Decorating small spaces in London with New Table Concept!

Decorating small spaces it is now a possible achievement, as the New Concept Table experience in London can demonstrate. The activity is significant because the interior design of tight spaces is a common problem, perceived by specialized companies.
New Table Concept has found the formula, or rather the technical solution to address customers issues in the furnishing of small spaces. And this work of the company proves it.

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We are in the British capital, a kitchen of a few square meters and the need to insert a table in a small space. A normal table would occupy too much space, remove it would not be possible since it is an essential element in the kitchen. For this reason, it was necessary an alternative.

The owners of the house decided to search the web for a solution that could accommodate their needs for decorating small spaces. They have been in contact with New Concept Table through the website and have decided to rely on the flexibility of the Telkì space saving kitchen table based on the FastLeg exclusive patent; with several models available it decorates and makes original any room.

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From an impossible to exploit space to a modern environment in which every square inch is optimized: New Concept Table has succeeded by having the kitchen table installed in the only free spot, ensuring the absence of obstacle for those who live every day that space. This is made possible by the properties of the New Table Concept: a piece of furniture of this kind, in fact, lightens the room and avoids the heaviness of the other tables thanks to the support that allows the tabletop to disappear leaning against the wall.

This solution is increasingly appreciated not only by those who live and want to decorate small spaces but also by those who have large houses and are looking for a table ‘invisible’ when not needed.

If you are curious to know other models of space saving tables you can read the reviews of other NTC wall mounted folding table models.

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