Going in vacation, home or hotel, with New Table Concept

Vacation homes are a convenient accommodation for travelers. Tourists like to feel relaxed and comfortable in a second home as in their first, the residence furnishings need to be easy to handle and clean, yet nice and good design.

The folding table versatility is certainly a benefit for furniture line thought for residences living and night zone. In the Elisa Apartments by the Adriatic Sea, in the bedroom, the interior designer wanted to add a versatile table as study space or luggage storage.

The collapsible table is integrated in the bedrooms; a desk is realized with the New Table Concept patented FastLeg structures. In case more space is needed in the bedroom, the wall mounted table can disappear !




Hotel rooms vary a great deal in terms of size and the amenities that they offer, and their rates vary accordingly. People which choose a hotel for vacation are looking to have plenty of space and sitting areas with designer interior decorating. Hotel furniture should have aesthetic appeal and durability to accommodate the visitor needs.
With New Table Concept it is possible to accomplish the goal; a variety of the material can be used for the table panel decoration and the stainless steel FastLeg is a guarantee for heavy usage.
In a hotel room in the French Riviera, the folding table is the best solution for comfort; the room view is awesome, but the space is limited. With these hotel room tables collapsible, it is possible to have a working table only when needed and have more room otherwise.










If you are curious to know other models of space saving tables you can read the reviews of other NTC wall mounted folding table models here.

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