We made the Telkì wall foldable table smaller!

Modern houses, especially in cities, are getting smaller.

When you have tiny room, you need to make smart employ of each available space.

We propose a PC table or a dining table that fits every little wall you may have.



We introduce the Telkì Compact space saving table, the wall foldable table smaller! In this Compact model, one single FastLeg structure is placed at the center of the collapsible table and two lateral hinges guarantee stability.

The opening and closing of the foldable table stays fast and easy.

The available widths are 50, 60 and 70cm, the depth is 50 or 65cm, as for the Telkì Studio and Telkì Kitchen fold down table models.

If you are curious to know other models of space saving tables you can read the reviews of other NTC wall mounted folding table models here.


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