Space saving furniture in New Zealand?

Thinking of the “down under” countries, we imagine endless land and open spaces. Reality is the same all over in the world, in modern cities, space is a luxury. Space saving furniture, wall beds and mini kitchen, are the products of Tilt Away in New Zealand.

The Vengiò space saving folding table has been hosted in their stand at the Auckland Home Show. Visitors interest has been high and we are pleased of the outcome. It was a special occasion to showcase space saving furniture solutions of high quality and advanced engineering. The TV news report shows very well how to organize a small apartment; you can quickly and easily rearrange the rooms for different use, this is the convenience of transformable furniture.
Vengiò is a transformable wall table that decorates all the environments.

[cml_media_alt id='2248']tavolo arredo salvaspazio - Nuova Zelanda[/cml_media_alt]


If you are curious to know other models of space saving tables you can read the reviews of other NTC wall mounted folding table models here.

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