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I´ve been long time looking for a living room space saving solution table, I want in fact something that didn’t know if exist, but looking for ideas on google and YouTube I found the Sgualà Table. When I saw the Sgualà folding table the first time, I knew that was the best solution for me. I wanted a table where have lunch or dinner about 6-8 people, but when it was not on used, it must be at the wall to have all the space free. And the Sgualà Table was the perfect solution for me.

I looked for the web and I wrote an email, everything after was very easy and they explain to me all doubts I had. One month later I received the table at home, and in a couple of hours it was mounted with two friends help.
Now it’s a pretty artwork at my living room, and all my friends when they see it gets crazy!

Thank you so much, I’m very happy with your attention, service, help, and of course, the Sgualà table!

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2 thoughts on “Sgualà – Living room space saving solution – Dani, Spain

  1. Hello
    I am looking for a training table that can seat 6 comfortably, Can you please give me an indication of price and dimension please as well as estimated UK delivery
    Thank you

  2. You can order the table on our website
    On the shop page you will all the information about the Sgualà table;
    the available sizes, the finishes, the colors, the accessories/options
    and all the prices.
    Once you proceed to check out page, you can know the shipping cost by selecting
    “United Kingdom” on the “ESTIMATE SHIPPING” window (center, bottom) and
    clicking “Get a Quote”.
    The lead time is 25 working days and the shipping time to the UK is usually three woking days.

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