Telkì Do It Yourself – Joseph, Rapid City South Dakota USA

The foldable table do it yourself is completed and Shari and I love it! The engineering of the design, and the product itself, is superb! The support, both through your help and your wonderful web site, is wonderful and greatly appreciated. I’ve always loved and appreciated great products; camera’s, cars, tools, watches, etc., and
your table ranks at the top of my list of great products.
I made the top myself and then covered it in laminate. While I made a minor routing error, and the process was somewhat humorous if it had been filmed, the table turned out to look very professional. I had never laminated anything before so that was new to me and took some extra time to learn.
If I ever need another table I will definitely be a repeat customer!I will make one more foldable table do it yourself.
If you ever visit South Dakota, I hope you will stop and stay at our house. We would love to show you Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.
Warm regards,

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