Our wall mounted tables

The wall mounted table made by New Concept Table have specific characteristics that make them unique: these wall mounted folding tables, in fact, allow decorating your spaces in a very original way. This is possible thanks to the perfect combination of two elements: quality and aesthetic beauty, which are fundamentals in interior design.

In details, the collapsible tables are a very different product compared to the other traditional folding tables, because they allow you to use the full potential of any inch of a room. This ability to “save space” is made possible thanks to the particular properties of the wall mounted tables that are mounted on the wall quickly through patented systems which guarantee the best performance for ease of use and compactness.

The collapsible tables are a representation of efficiency, style and elegance that only the Made in Italy can provide.


The wall mounted tables are available in various solutions.

Telkì Model



The Telkì “Compact” space saving table has one FastLeg structure placed in the middle of the tabletop. Two hinges at the side ensure stability.

This version of the Telkì foldable table allows to be comfortably seated on every table side.

The Telkì “Studio” folding desk table has two FastLeg structures placed at 10 cm from the sides of the tabletop.

This version of the Telkì collapsible tables is the solution for clients that will use the table mainly as a desk while sitting on the front side, like working with the computer, studying or drawing.

The Telkì “Kitchen” space saving kitchen table has two FastLeg structures placed at 30 cm from the sides of the tabletop. This version of the Telkì folding table allows to be comfortably seated on the table sides.

This is the solution when the collapsible tables are mainly used for breakfast, lunch or dining.

For all Telkì collapsible tables models, it is available the optional accessory shock absorber kit. It is a system that allows the self-controlled closure of the wall mounted folding table. After unlocking the two structures, the foldable desk with the shock does not fall against the wall, but it slowly reaches the closed position.

This system, in addition to being convenient and good looking, is a security device.

For all Telkì collapsible tables, it is available the option to have rounded front corners with radius 5cm. This shape allows an even a greater ease of installation in restricted environments.

The Telkì new concept wall mounted tables are based on FastLeg, a mechanism patented and registered by NTC srl.

The FastLeg structures and other hardware to manufacture Telkì collapsible tables are available for purchase; in this way you can build Telkì custom folding tables.

The Telkì collapsible tables comes with the following finishes:

Glossy or matt lacquered board

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) board lacquered on both sides, OECE painted on the polyester substrate. The lacquered board has all the edges rounded and gives a pleasant feeling to the touch.

It is possible to have a custom color for the lacquered finishing by choosing from the RAL color chart.

Glossy or matt laminated board

The laminate is a thermosetting resin coating applied to a wood particles board.

It has excellent technical characteristics and is resistant to scratches and wear, heat resistant up to 180 ° C, stable in light, hygienic and easy to clean.

We use high pressure decorative laminates (HPL – High Pressure Laminates), a material meeting the European and international regulations EN 438 and ISO 4586.

The HPL Arpa panels are constituted by several layers of cellulose fiber material, impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together by the combined and simultaneous pressure (> 7MPa)) and heat (140/150 ° C)

Solid layered beech wood

Layered wood is a product composed of layers (lamellas) of wood joined and locked to each other with bonding pressure. Tops in layered beech wood have all the advantages of solid wood and minimize its typical defects such as cracks and deformations. They are practical, robust and aesthetically pleasant.

Vengiò model



The Vengiò space saving folding table decorates the wall in every room as a beautiful frame around your favorite painting or photo; with a simple and immediate gesture turns into a spacious living room table. When the picture table is closed, no one would ever think to a desk because the entire structure is built without hooks or hinges, with beautiful aesthetics and quality.

The Vengiò collapsible tables are realized with a system for gravitational balance that guarantees the stability of the product both in the position of picture frame and in the position of table without need of any blocking component.

The transformation from picture frame to table is easily achieved by pulling the board down; the table gets back to the wall by lifting the board up with a little and harmonious movement.

The Vengiò convertible table is available with three default picture images and one standard frame color.

Standard images are: modern lines and colors style “Mondrian”, group of pastel macarons and tree silhouette in black and white.

It is available the option to have a custom image by uploading a digital file. The portrait image size is 680×1240 mm with height/width ratio of 1.82 and the minimum resolution is 50 dots per inch.

The color available for the frame is jet black. It is possible to have the frame of any color by choosing from the RAL color chart.

It is available the option to have a “wall image”: a fixed panel on the wall, covered with the same image of the table, so it will remains to decorate the wall also when the table is moved to the open position.



Sgualà model




The Sgualà folding office desk is ideal for quickly transform environments: from a dining room to a space for other activities like ballroom or children’s playroom.

The Sgualà collapsible tables are based on a combination of guides and carts which can convert a board from vertical to horizontal without solution of continuity.

These structures permit the construction of quite large transformable table.

The Sgualà table can have depths from 140 cm to 250 cm and width from 70 cm to 200 cm. The table folded it is only 7 cm from the wall.

The Sgualà sliding table is supplied on request with the dimensions defined by the customer. The table top can be made of laminated, lacquered, laminated solid wood, stainless steel and glass.

It is available the option to have rounded front corners.



Do It Yourself

FastLeg structure

FastLeg, is an innovative mechanism patented by NTC srl.

FastLeg is extremely compact, totally closes on itself becoming invisible inside the tabletop, yet has a strong structure. A Telkì Compact wall mounted folding table safely holds up to 100 pounds, a Telkì Studio or Kitchen table holds up to 200 pounds.

FastLeg integrates a locking system that, on the opening phase, locks automatically the collapsible tables when they reach the working position and allows the closing by simply pulling a button.

FastLeg is realized in 18/10 stainless steel 1.5 mm thick. Stainless steel combines the mechanical properties of the steel with the resistance to corrosion typical of noble metals. FastLeg is manufactured using state of the art laser cutting systems.

The pivots are grooved and safely held in position by seegers.

Shock absorber kit

The shock absorber kit is a system that allows the self-controlled closure of the collapsible tables. After unlocking the two structures, the foldable desk with the shock does not fall against the wall, but it slowly reaches the closed position.

This system, in addition to being convenient and good looking, is a security device.

The kit is made up by the piston, two stainless steel plates for connecting the piston both to the tabletop and the wall, dowels and screws.

All components are made so as to be housed within the table board.

Hinges Kit

The hinges kit is made up by the two hinges needed to ensure stability to the Telkì folding table Compact version and the appropriate dowels and screws.

The hinges have a thickness of 10 mm needed to be inserted flush in the tabletop and to have the axis of rotation coincident with the axis of rotation of the FastLeg structure.

The hinge kit is available in two finishes: galvanized and stainless steel. In most cases and in normal conditions the galvanized iron hinges are appropriate. In marine or high humidity environments or for sanitary requirements, we recommend using the stainless steel hinges.